Are you purchasing or refinancing a home or commercial property?

Tellus Abstract, Inc. can provide title insurance for home buyers so that you will know that you own your property clear and free of many issues that can arise and cause questions about the nature of your ownership.

It’s our job to research the title to your property and make sure that there are no liens or problems regarding the ownership of the property.  We’ve been in the title business for over 17 years and prior to founding the company, Jennifer M. Maloney, Esq. and Michael F. Maloney practiced real estate law. Their dual experience allows us to maintain quality service for our clients.

Anyone who is purchasing a home or any type of real estate should obtain title insurance.

Real Estate Title Insurance protects a purchaser from many issues that may arise regarding the ownership of the property. Prior to the “closing” when the property is transferred from the seller to the purchaser the history of the title to the property is searched through examining the records of the Clerk’s office in the County where the property is located.

What we do:

We search the County Clerk’s Office records to make sure that the person or entity that is transferring the property to the purchaser actually owns the property and that the property has no problems that occurred during any prior transfers that occurred regarding the property. We search also for any judgments or liens or other issues that may affect title to the property.

If issues do arise we work with the Purchaser and Seller’s attorney to help them resolve the issues affecting the title to your property. After the closing we make sure that all of the proper documents are filed with the County Clerks Office.

Why use Tellus Abstract, Inc.?

We are family owned and operated and we care about the quality of our work. At Tellus Abstract, Inc. you get personal service and attention to your file. Tellus Abstract, Inc. has a proven track record of satisfied clients and the ability to meet all of your real estate title needs.

Contact us today and find out why Attorneys, Real Estate Brokers, Mortgage Bankers and Consumers have been using Tellus Abstract, Inc. as their Trusted Provider for over 17 years!